...and dance by the light of the moon

max and i are awaiting the visit from the supermoon tonight...the very first for max!
we've been digging up all our moon books in preparation. 
 it was lovely last night...we sneaked outside after midnight to peek and our moon was full and bright and happy. i can't imagine how much more so when it's donning the word "super" with it. 
but really, is the moon ever anything but super?


  1. My Dad has been shouting moon updates to me for the past couple of hours. His recent update was that it was at its largest and brightest at 8:22 pm. If memory serves me, it was 30% brighter tonight. ;)

  2. haha...your dad is my kind of guy. it truly did look super around that time! we went inside for dinner after moon-gazing and when we came back out it seemed a little less so. haha. being super is short-lived i suppose.
    if the moon can't keep it up, what hope is there for the rest of us?



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