the cobbler's shop

every once in a blue moon i get reminders that i'm actually an adult lady. it usually hits me when i'm doing things that i romanticized as a little girl. 
(like commissioning art or picking up the dry cleaning)
and it's a funny thing to be reminded of, especially when you feel more like that little girl than a adult lady on the inside.

i had that reminder again today while matt and i were out lunching and running errands. 
we ate at a restaurant downtown with men in business suits and ladies wearing pantyhose. i saw briefcases and the tv commercial injury lawyer having a business lunch and squealed inside!

and then we went to the cobbler. the cobbler!
he's fixing a pair of my sad and ruined vintage heels and my inner 10 year old is beside herself. i've fantasied of dropping off shoes at the cobbler's ever since i saw the 12 dancing princesses. 
archie's shop is filled with dozens of paper sacks filled with forgotten shoes...his rough old hands are as worn as some of the leather shoes in the window display.
the seating area felt like an e.r waiting room. and bell biv devoe's "do me" was playing in the background.
it was a dream. 
and archie is going to be able to salvage my heels!
(for all of my adult lady goings ons)


  1. oooh, i wanna see the heels. i need to go to a cobbler myself!

  2. oh i know what you mean about feeling like a little girl and then being reminded that yes i am aan adult...a strange but fun feeling! i love being young at heart, always will be!

    by the way your dress is so beautiful on you!


  3. Come clean: how badly did you want to root through all of those paper sacks???

    And if YOU'RE an adult lady, then I don't really want to spend too much time pondering what that makes me. I feel the same exact way - I'm still 12 inside.

  4. the first photo is the most beautiful photo of you i've seen yet!

  5. i wonder how long he keeps forgotten shoes. forever?
    the first picture of you is beautiful.

  6. wow, you look gorgeous in that top photo. ps I got your sweet valentine in the mail...thank you so much!

  7. such pretty photos, as always! Simply beautiful!

    I've actually been thinking about looking for a cobbler- would you recommend Archie then?

  8. My turn to say your dress is divine! What a perfect choice for spring. <3

  9. how much do i yearn for a pair of broken shoes to take to a cobbler? you reawaken girlish dreams i forgot i once nursed.

  10. boo. just realized the comment i left here a few days ago didn't stick. i think i remember what i was trying to say though. =)
    my first trip to a cobbler reminds me of yours. it was in college. i had a ballroom dance class that required ball room slippers. i had some stashed away from my old days of being on stage. the heels where dead now. my cobbler was straight out of a grimm storybook too. hehe
    one last note...your dress, as so many have said, is fantastic.



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