kicking the habit

in an attempt to cut back on my one major vice, i've been trying to transition from drinking too much soda to more water. the problem is i've never been much of a water drinker.
matt's mama turned me onto a little trick that has really helped my sugar cravings...and has had be guzzling down glass after glass throughout the week.

a wedge of lemon and a packet of stevia in the raw added to a full glass of water has been the perfect bridge for me to kick my soda habit. with just a little bit of sweetness, i'm not left feeling deprived in the least.
sipping it from a striped straw doesn't hurt either.


  1. Thsi post is GREAT! when i was in high school i ONLY drank water (8 glasses a day) so my face was nice and clear.Now it's Dr. Pepper as soon as I rise! I think I will try to kick the soda habit as well!

  2. good luck i know you can do it! when i first started drinking water more often i would drink little bits at a time...i wouldn't go and get a huge container because that would overwhelm me!

    hope you are having a great weekend!


  3. That sounds delightful! I'm better these days. But, I used to splash anything from lemon/lime/orange to juice into my water. You're right, a straw makes it slide down ever so easy! ;)

    Once a lady was handing out lemonade samples made with stevia at the grocery store. She sent me home with a big packet for a pitcher (or something). I thought it was lemonade! Haha I simply added water and thought, something is very wrong here. Haha

  4. Hi

    I have a silly interest in some thing. When I saw Hollywood movies,people always drink soda drinks. Is this a habbit there? To drink soda drinks and less water?
    Here we start to do the same, the kids do it more.

  5. You do not have a mom butt. You are cute as a button. Seeing these pictures of your wonderful day, makes me long for summer and farmers markets.


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