past in present

i recently found this photo of me and max's dad from 1988
when we were in kindergarten together...the same as our buddy now.
it's amazing to me how much max really does resemble that guy (although i have a lock on his big brown eyes) or how these two little ones had no idea what was in store for them.

it's such a happy picture to me...
nothing like a bit of nostalgia to get the weekend going...have a happy one!


  1. These such moments are so precious. Photography is such a gift.

  2. they sure do, i can even see max stomping around in this outfit. and i think i'd like to steal the puffy sleeved blouse off the girl next to jesse ;)

  3. I think max has your smile in that picture :)

  4. This is the sweetest ever! So cute. You both look just as adorable today as back then. Oh life, how very strange you are...I am so very glad you can be friends and not harbor hatred. You all are quite blessed.

  5. This is simply fantastic in every way.

    (And that little gal had no idea that she'd one day stomp around in crazy studded wedge booties!) ;)

  6. you are a doll, even way back!

  7. Oh, Katie! Bless my soul! I adore this with my entire heart. First things first, how can you be any cuter?! I thought it were not possible. Yet, it very-very much is! And, your dress... I want one like that now! What a great memory for all of you. And Max the most. He will treasure this one day--of not now. :)

  8. Oh what great and happy times!! Wow, it is so much fun to pick out every one of those little people and connect them in an instant to my memory. I can't believe how life speeds along, yet we still get these small chances to look back and remember the kinder' years!! Cheers to you Katie :)


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