to market

i took myself out saturday afternoon after abandoning the plan of cleaning out the basement. 
it was just too good out!  
but not good enough for a flouncy loosey goosey spring dress...which was sent over my head a time or two because of the crazy wind. 
(my apologies to anyone subjected to my mom butt)
i ended up at the market, which has some pretty wonderful locally made/grown goods, and scooped up gobs of roses, jam, soap, and some maple candies.
if you find yourself in dayton on a saturday afternoon, this is the place to be. 
and you might just spy me in the parking lot, covering my exposed backside with a bundle of roses.


  1. Your mom butt! I teared with laughter and understanding! Hahaha So funny because the wind is just as harsh here. Sean snapped a picture if me running to the car, desperatly trying to hold my dress down. It's super leggy. Hehe!

  2. my memaw makes maple candies, only not shaped like leaves. i can eat a whole pan in one sitting. they are amazing!

  3. i can only imagine how pretty your little spring blouse-dress was though. the pattern in the pic looked to die for. and the OHIO maple syrup....best ever. we have that here at our house. never knew where to get more...i will have to visit the market!

  4. what a captivating spot! i could get myself into some real trouble in a place like that.

    i love your outfit and that you match the second street sign ! did you do that on purpose? :)

  5. LOVE 2nd st market. my fave place on a sat morning!

  6. I JUST emailed my sister (oh wait, you actually know her! ;) ) to see if she would accompany me there next weekend. I've never been!

  7. that market is singing my name. gorgeous. and now i'm off to google maps to determine the distance from here to dayton.

    ps bloomers! it's the savior of mom-butts everywhere.

  8. What a gorgeous market! Lovely blog!

  9. When did Dayton get such cool stuff? The next time in town, I'm definitely going to the market!


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