from easter egging to the e.r....such has been our week.
i got the call from max's school this afternoon that all parents dread...our guy was show-boating it to third base during kick ball and busted open his little chin and needed stitches.
this was the first time max has ever been in a emergency situation so i got all frazzled and mother henny and came bursting into the school, only to find him chilling in the nurse's office surrounded by doting lady teachers. not a tear to be found.
he's a brave boy. 
but then we got out to the car and he turned into a tiny puddle in my lap. and my heart burst knowing he needs no brave face with his mama. he was real and true and little bit scared.

but boy oh boy did he do so well! 
and his dad and matt got to be there to root him on....distracting him with their funny stitches stories and huge gas station icees.
after a few hours, we were out of there.
and max left with 5 stitches and a brand new sense of self!
plus a funny stitches story of his own...


  1. its so silly, but i've been following you since the LJ days and one thing has struck me for so long; how much Matt adores Max. It's the most amazing thing ever, just seeing Matt with his hands on Max's shoe in this entry made my heart swellll!

    I hope you don't mind me saying!

  2. aww poor little guy! glad he is ok now :) i love his star wars shirt hehe

  3. hooray for your boy, doing so well and that he is ok! beautiful blog-thrilled i've found you!
    happy almost easter! xo

  4. aww poor little one. I hope hes feeling a bit better now with his loving family around :-)

  5. Ahh, the life of boys. Last summer we took our first ER visit... for a Lego up the nose. Hope Max feels better soon! I personally believe most boys have a scar on their chins from doing SOMETHING... Logan has one, Justice has one...

  6. Been there. My older son had to get stitches in his forehead. He came running home from his friend's house down the street covered in blood. Terrifying but everything turned out fine. Max is awfully brave.

  7. What a wonderful family your boy has...surrounded by love and support...and ICEES. I love that you all came together and joined in the ER celebration.

  8. Oh scary! It is the worst fear to get one of those phone calls! Did he at least get to ride in on an ambulance? Hehe Poor babe. When the facade melts and the crying starts... ugh, my heart!

  9. oh the poor dear :( I hate when children get hurt, as a mum you would always rather be the one getting hurt.

  10. awww, i had stitches on my chin when i was about his age too!

  11. how sad. I can totally relate. A similar accident happened to me when i was little girl, but it involved falling down stairs.

    -ps his shoes and star wars shirt is so rad!


    a new follower!

  12. Aw! What a wonderful blog you have! Your pictures are all soo good! My son's name is also Max..Maximus :) Such a good strong boy name :)

    Delighted Momma


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