tickled pink

 thank you all so so much for your caring words for max. 
he's feeling great and is back to his old tricks...although he isn't fond of the "whiskers" coming out of his chin. haha. fingers crossed he can have the stitches taken out next week.
last night, matt and i played early easter bunnies.
it was a funny sight getting to see him crawl around on the floor in the dark, trying to keep from waking max up, while leaving a plastic egg trail from max's bed to his basket.
i hope i never take for granted matt and his willingness to dive right in on our silly traditions. he's my guy for sure. and he made one fine, slightly creepy in a "crawling around on the floor in the dark" kind of way, easter bunny!
i was a little worried that having to celebrate early would make everything feel forced and a bit off, especially after the day we had yesterday. 
but max woke up this morning full of joy and thankfulness for the surprises he found, and you couldn't convince any of us it wasn't easter.
and truthfully, good friday is such a somber/contemplative day...for good reason. but it was nice to add a little lightheartedness and gratitude in.
max's bucket was stuffed with legos, a slinky, underwears and socks, garden tools and seeds, gum and fruit leathers, and a dinosaur. 
the "easter bunny" also left max something "he" never thought in a million years "he" would ever be purchasing. but when you love your son, you make certain concessions/ support their interests above your own/ cross your fingers this too shall pass.

we bought max a kidz bop cd.
oh dear.


  1. Nothing beats the humiliation I suffered a few years back when I had to go to Best Buy and buy a "Weird Al Yankovich" cd for my 5th grader at the time. It was on his Christmas list. But not to fear, that same boy is now a 15 year old and listens to The Avett Bros. and The Decemberists.

  2. Katie!

    I just caught up on your blog (real life beckoned me away from the computer this week) and I am so sorry that your little man had to go to the emergency room. Super happy to know all is well, and you guys got to have an early Easter! It looks like a lot of fun- and I especially love the last photos. :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Your poor brave little guy! I love that he calls his stitches "whiskers" and I hope he gets them out soon and heals with only an itsy bitsy teeny weeny scar!
    I stopped by your blog from Sometimes Sweet, and I'm your newest follower!

    Happy "Easter" =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  4. Hello! I am a new reader and clicked over from Danielle's blog! As I was scrolling through your archives, I kept seeing pictures with places I thought looked familiar! Then I realized we both live around Dayton! It's so exciting to find a blog I really love to read that is so close to home!

  5. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! KATIE! I am the type of parent that refuses to push my interests on my children, regardless of what THEIR musical tastes are. For months now, my boys have been singing their heads off to Katy Perry's Firework and Lady Antebellum. I've downloaded those albums and made them mix CDs of music THEY like. I too have contemplated buying a Kidz Bop CD. It's pretty awesome that support Max's interests. I think Justice and Max would be fine friends :)

  6. i'm so sorry to hear about max and the stitches, but glad things are starting to look up. your pictures of him listening to the kidz bop cd are some of my favorite, i found you through sometimes sweet and i'm so happy she wrote about your blog. beautiful pictures, i'm really enjoying it!


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