an ode to my sister

today is my amy's birthday!
our beautiful summer baby.
this gal is the love of my life and my world's best friend.
we don't know our lives without the other. 
and i owe her mine. quite literally.
(our parents were content with just our two older sisters. then, while under kitchen remodel stress, they accidentally had amy...and finally, while under new amy stress, accidentally had me)
 we've been in cahoots ever since.
and despite only a 17 month age difference, she has been my favorite teacher and guide.
she is beyond vibrant and lovely and beautifully effervescent.
everything makes her laugh and ache and her heart is a strong one. 
she is full of talents with humility to match.
she is kind. uncomplicated.
she is an amazing mama and wife. 
and makes everyone around her want to be just that much better...funnier...more compassionate.
 she has gotten me into more trouble than i can even count.
and she has always been everything i've ever wanted to be.

happy happy 30th birthday, my girl. 
i love you always and ever, 20x3


  1. Oh my! Oh my! What a beautiful ode to a beautiful sister. HAPPY 30th, sweet girl! Have a wonderful time celebrating, cause I KNOW you will.

  2. So sweet! This makes me really, really wish i had a sister...

  3. wow! you both are soo lucky to have each other! sister love is the best! i don't have one but my cousin in law is the closest thing to a sister that i have and i cherish our friendship oh so much! what a beautiful ode to her! happy birthday!


  4. What a beautiful post, Katie! I love the photos of you guys! You two are such beauties! I'll be seein' ya'll sooooooooon!! YES!

  5. my sister is my best friend too, but not like you two. i'm envious! happy birthday to her!!

  6. Look at your beautiful red-headed family! So lovely!


  7. I've been following along for a couple of months but I don't think I've ever left a comment before. But I just have to say awww, SO SWEET!!

    Angie from Ohio

    P.S. I saw your hubby at the Dayton Dragons game last week :) I would've said hi but I was afraid he would think I was kinda crazy!!

    Happy Friday :)

  8. precious post. happy birthday to your sister!

  9. Sniff sniffffff! I love that I've been privy to your lives for so many years. :)

    And this is my favorite: "she is full of talents with humility to match".

  10. This brought me to tears!

    I wish I had this kind of relationship with any of my three sisters, but do not. But how I desperately hope that my two boys have as unbreakable a bond & you have with your sister & that as they age they can say amazing words about one another. To raise children that are in love with each other is my greatest wish as a parent.


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