the luckiest

i hope all of you had a wonderful father's day with the guys in your life.
ours has been the fullest and happiest yet.
and i can't help but sit here and think about my max today and the uncertainty of our lives 2 year ago. 
i look at where we're at, where he's at, and it's enough to bring me to my knees. 
he's the luckiest boy in town. 
what could have been a detriment has become his ace up the sleeve.
he is surrounded by a constant flow of love and guidance from two very different men.
but to him, they are both dad.

(p.s. i'm still working on writing about my divorce. i've been writing every week since that april post and delete every bit of it every time. i've come to the conclusion that there is no perfect way of speaking painful truths...that i might have to just go off the cuff. thank you for your patience. xoxo)


  1. you should teach a class because i just don't understand why divorces have to be so ugly. as long as the children are loved, life goes on and it can be great!! so glad max has such an awesome mom!

  2. oh Katie, you are such a doll. Last night while my boys were sleeping, my hubby was at work (and I should have been folding laundry;) I read a lot of your blog :)) I too have blogged for years and it's so amazing how much people grow, change, and explore the world or even their small town through a lens and on a blog. Thank you for sharing your piece of the world. xxoo

  3. this is a really beautiful post.
    thanks for sharing your fathers day with us.
    i love these pictures.

  4. Beautiful photos. I can't say that I know what divorce is like, but if you don't feel comfortable telling all then don't. If you do, then whatever you tell us will be understood by people who care about you via blog and who will sympathize and understand. :)

  5. I like what Danielle stated above! I have been divorced once. I don't feel weird writing about it because we had no children...that changes everything. Maybe your deleting means that you want to keep that private. Not the fact that you had a divorce but the details about it...which is fine. I think its your motherly intuition looking out for your child and not wanting to put anything out there that may be too close to home. I respect that about you and believe you should do what you feel. If it makes you feel good to write about it then you should, but if not...no worries! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  6. i think your blog is amazing, your post touched my heart, and the little boy is so precious- such a cutiepie!

    =) love frm KL, Malaysia

  7. That is awesome! Good for him and all of you, really. Wow. Your exhusband looks so, so different than how I remember him looking from the past...in the phots, that is. I did not recognize him. I would love to read about the divorce one day and I'm waiting patiently. I separated from my daughter's father two years ago and have yet to find that special someone...Have yet to reconcile even a friendly relationship with the ex. It is all very difficult and a real struggle. You have made it appear seamless. I'd love to know how you did/do it. Hugs, Cyndy

  8. take your time with the post but i look for the guidance i know it will give and you seem to always give me handling the situation has not been pretty for us at all :(
    adrienne K.

  9. I know how hard the divorce was for both of you. I think the world of you and Jesse. But I am beyond happy that you have overcome the difficulties and found true happiness. Max is such a lucky boy to have two wonderful men in his life. And he's very lucky to have such a sweet mother.

    You'll know when the time is right to share your divorce story. But for now, just keep living and loving life.

    Love you, girl!

  10. It's kind of shocking to see how much Max's daddy has changed physically. He seems like a completely different guy from the LiveJournal days...

    and the pictures of Matt and Max on the bed. oh goodness, that's lovely. :)

  11. Hello,
    I am in love with your blog. Whenever I want to see, read, and feel beauty I head over to your sweet blog.

    Best Regards,

  12. precious photos. max seems to be a lucky little dude :)

    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/


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