merry and bright

i hope everyone celebrating had a wonderful day yesterday!
the boys and i were up and out and about early for thanksgiving breakfast with my family and to make a quick stop at the airport for matt. it's become a tradition for max and me to take matt to the airport on holiday mornings to get his coffee. 
(the airport coffee shop is the only one open on holidays)

max and i sit in the car by the check in curb waiting for matt and his cup of coffee. we people watch passing by travelers and make up silly stories of where they're going...who they're going to see. it's one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving and christmas with my little family!

the rest of the day yesterday was spent eating, and laughing, and being thankful, and eating some more.
it was a good and happy day. 

the weekend is going to hold all sorts of holiday goodness for us. 
saturday we're going to chop down our christmas tree...fingers crossed we pick one that fits in the truck!

have the loveliest weekend, friends!


  1. What a sweet photograph. xo, rv


  2. sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see the tree!

  3. Oh I love making up stories about travelers. Haw fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I love hearing about your little traditions. Sounds awesome. Happy late Thanksgiving!

  5. this sounds so sweet :) and is there a coffee shop on this side of security for you guys? lucky ducks. we have nothing unless you go through security and are actually waiting for a flight.


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