worn in

i apologize for such a quiet week around here!
it's been a funny one...i've been in the same clothes for 3 days straight with work deadlines and a quick hospital stay (they forced me into a wheelchair yelling "she's in labor" but it turned out to be a silly kidney issue...good grief!)
on the bright side, my hair is washed...i've got the night to myself...and my baby shower is this weekend! all good reasons to take these stretchy pants off already! 

p.s. i'm making my rounds on the internet this week...

N.E.E.T. magazine asked me to contribute to their summer issue out today! go take a peek!

and over at Country Living Magazine online i shared one of my favorite spots in dayton!


happy happy first day of june!


  1. I hope you're all recovered from the kidney issue, and have an amazing baby shower! Such a beautiful photo, is that your art in the background?

    1. thank you, so kate!
      p.s that is my art in the background! i'm working on another round for kinfolk!

  2. Have an awesom baby shower! :-)

  3. Oh geez, you have been a busy bee! I'm glad you weren't really in labor - not yet, at least. Praying for you these last few weeks! May they go by quickly - and wear those stretchy pants as much as you want, girl!

  4. loved the popsicles recipes :) i hope you have a great baby shower!

  5. Hope everything calms down for you & you find some time to relax ...

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  6. Hope everything is ok with the kidney issue! Enjoy your night & baby shower,girl! :)

  7. This may sound bad...but... I was so excited to see you in those stretchy pants. You always look so amazing, I was wondering how you did it. Is it horrible to be relieved to know you have daggy days?
    Though not good about the hospital stay. Keep well and rest before the big day.

  8. I seriously love your style...decor AND fashion. ;)

  9. Hope you have a lovely time at your baby shower. I love that chair. Happy you are feeling better now.

  10. I so glad that you're feeling better. And I just had to say, I have seen that chart around the Internet (in yellow) and I love it so much. The fabric is so amazing!

  11. beautiful guest posts! and you are still rocking the stretchy paints! have fun at your baby shower!! and feel better!
    xo TJ

  12. Get some rest. Stretchy pants or not...you always look great :) You're in the home stretch ....woohoo! Hope you are doing well despite the hospital visit. YAY for babyshowers!

  13. Boy, that must have been scary, that kidney issue. Hope you are feeling all recovered now. Love the photo. So light and fresh. I hope you'll have an amazing baby shower!

  14. I am glad to hear you're feeling better. Kidney issues are awful - I have them and my mother had through throughout pregnancy and it is really hard. I hope you stay well through the weekend for your beautiful baby shower, enjoy! x

  15. oh gosh, i hope you're feeling much better! you're such an adorable pregnant lady, stretchy pants or pretty dress! have so much fun at your shower this weekend!

  16. So glad your little health scare was nothing major! Keep on cookin', baby girl!

  17. kaite,
    enjoy these last few weeks as a family of three. i remember those days of the same outfit over & over !

  18. so good to hear from you--i'd been a wonderin' if your small gal decided to make her grand debut! it's nice to have a bit more time for her to grow, even though i am wildly impatient to meet her. :)

    ps your chair and i are in love.

  19. Besides the kidney issue...such great news! A baby shower! Have fun! And congrats on those features!

  20. glad you and baby are okay!
    and goodness, i don't know any pregnant lady who looks better in stretchy pants than you! you look awesome!

  21. I'm a new reader to your blog and love it! Your shower was gorgeous! Do you mind sharing where you got your beautiful dress? I'm due in August and am having the hardest time finding clothes I love.


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