a day in our life

up at 7:30 (woken up by a little boy who wore winter gloves in bed all night)
shower and mama/max time before breakfast.
max's hamster is named spongey.
he puts up with a lot from us...from my high-pitched squeels at him to max's constant forcing him under his shirt. this morning we put him on a globe and sang "on top of the world" and he didn't seem very amused.
9:30 and time for breakfast.
i made toast and egg white/red pepper/spinach/goat cheese omelets.
i ruined the first one, so i had mine scrambled.
 matt is up by 10 and ready to leave for the day.
i almost burn the house down and decide to stay out of the kitchen and go out for lunch today.

 while trying to get dressed i realize i hadn't heard matt leave.
he sneaked back into bed. 
he's sleepy like that...
by 10:30 matt has hit the road...it's time to check emails and procrastinate before getting ready.
today i wore a lux blouse, zac posen for target dress i converted into a skirt (it fit terribly on this small chested gal) and a f21 jacket.
max gets himself dressed and insists on helping me with my make up.
then he draws me this owl picture...
(i'm offically in love with him)
and by 11 o'clock we're out the door...
to spend some time at big boy talking serious 6 year old business over chocolate milk and french fries before afternoon kindergarten.
max starts school at 12:30.
hugs and kisses and he's on his way...and i head over to a 1:00 meeting with a client.
i'm working with a local school on a 50th anniversary painting. we went through all sorts of old photos and newspaper clippings for inspiration. 
(pay no attention to that thumb...i'm not ready to talk about it. haha.
suffice it to say...i have toe thumbs. hmph!)
2:30...i have an hour to kill before max is done with school. i go to a coffee shop to mull over everything from my meeting and start sketching out ideas.
by 4:00 we're all reunited!
max got a blue ribbon in math, matt got some more work done on the tattoo on his hand, and i came home to dishes and laundry and my blog.
not too shabby, this tuesday!


  1. i love your life. it's sweet and full of love and pretty things. <3

  2. ah...so refreshing, you three. i love you guys and i haven't even had the pleasure of meeting the boys yet...but i can tell they are wonderful. ms stratton, your smiles pour out in your writing.


  3. i remember trying on that zac dress and swimming in it. so very sad.

  4. I think i need to have Matt do my next tattoo. He appears to rock at it.

  5. I think i need to have Matt do my next tattoo. He appears to rock at it.

  6. i give your day a blue ribbon!

    and the M+K&M etched in the tree is priceless <3

  7. Swoony, Sister!

    Your thumbs. Ha ha! They don't look toe-ish to me. They look Angie-ish. Do you have Angie's thumbs? Well, that just melts my heart.

    And allow me to be the 50,000 person to ask you this burning question: What action do you use on your photos? I'm so curious. They're dreamy. Always.

  8. Hey there! I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your blog. I usually save it for last in my reader so I can savor it!

    Thanks for the tip on the oxford shoes, by the way. I never think to look at f21 because their clothes never work for me, but the shoes were great and I got some lovely, non-leather brown two-tones.

    I'm really getting a lot of inspiration from your clothes and your home. (I've already stolen your clipboard-as-art-frame-idea)

    I'd really like to take some inspiration from your clothes. I always want to wear more skirts but end up in jeans and sweatshirts a lot. I almost bought that zac posen dress, too!

    Okay this comment got really loooong

  9. At the risk of sounding like the silliest ninny in the world: I'd gladly give up some of my bust! Haha I can not begin to tell you the immense amount of dresses and shirts I can not adore due to it. The grass is always greener...
    Gorgeous as always.

  10. I love the shelves for max's books - displayed front covers are so pretty! *L has the very same coat/jacket from The Children's Place. :)

    *Toe thumbs - very interesting. I have a friend that has that very same feature, only it affect ALL her fingers, not juts her thumb. She thinks it was due to the fact that she was a surprise pregnancy for her mother who was 42.

  11. Katie,

    I always adore your blogs, they brighten and inspire a lot of my days. This was wonderful and would make a great reoccurring segment :) Your photography is stellar!! I wanted to share a few of my photography obsessions... thought you may like them... i see you already follow elsie flannigan who is one of my favs but here are a couple I found on flickr.com a few years ago when i can across elsie.




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