a little bit gentle

i tried out these crazy (for me) booties today in the sleet and rain...and it turns out we're a pretty fine pair!
like the odd couple...or...a little bit country/a little bit rock n roll...a little bit gentle/a little bit running wild?
i threw them on with a vintage blouse and pencil skirt and some red lips. they make me feel taller in every sense of the word and cause me drive and brake like a maniac.
i've decided to give myself a stage name while wearing them...something snappy and feisty for my budding alter ego....and am currently taking suggestions.

p.s. on a mama's note: i've been in a power struggle with my little man for a few months now. today, max told me that he knows better than i do. that he appreciates me trying but that he really only needs to listen to himself. ack! either these booties have caused him to lose total respect for me and my judgement or i've got a teenager on my hands.
good grief!
max needs an alter-ego name too while we're at it.


  1. try using the name of the road you grew up on along with your middle name or pets name... ohh wait maybe thats to get your "stripper" name in middle school LOL. It doesn't work for everyone but my alter ego name turned out awesome that way... Tori Devore ;) hahaha

    that look is great i love it.

  2. They are striking! Haha Sometimes a girl has to give in just a little bit. It's -almost- always a good thing. ;)
    Speaking of little men.. not quite the same thing. But, today mine had homework to think of many words with "it" in them and make sentences. He randomly asks, "Oh, what are ti*s?" (I can not bring myself to type it!) Calmly, I ask where he heard it and he said they were also doing this in school and one of the boys offered this up for suggestion. Lovely. First grade brings grief I tell you! Sadly, I had to have that conversation with him today. :P

  3. those shoes are so fantastic. i've had a couple pairs of sam edelman's and i think they are seriously the comfiest! hope yours are too.

    this series of photos is perfection. you are so beautiful.

  4. You look FIERCE, lady! I'm smitten with those shoes. I tried on a pair almost EXACT to those recently, and now you're making me want to go back and get them. ;) I love the black/white/mustard combination - gorgeous.

  5. you totally made those boots katie! way to go, lady!

    mmmmm i think you should do a spin off of your name how bout I AM KAT women here me roar BAT BOY (little man)

    And then you can write a children-parenting book called the adventures of KAT and BAT

    Mmmm or Cadillac or Kat-illac and Black Jack (baby cakes) baby meet me out back were gonna boogy. Oh my goodness who turned on the country? I'll let you know if I come up with any wiser suggestions and can't wait to hear what you decide.

    And I wish we could be neighbors. We'd be the best kind, those who like a good party but also a hefty amount of alone space. We'd throw wicked parties and you would of course wear your boots.

  6. Ooooh! I love them! And I love the outfit. You are such a lady! And that's tough about Max. I remember when my little brother went through the same sort of rebellion. It only lasted a year & he is one of the most respectful and kind fellow's nowadays, and I imagine Max being the exact same :)

  7. I featured you in my weekly surf today!


  8. you are so precious.

    i love this blog.

    xoxo sarah jane ink

  9. LOVE this color on you!!
    those zoe's look fab too ;)


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