up where the air is clear

yesterday was begging for some kite flying.
max and i took our kites to carillon park after church and lunch with family and lazed around in the grass and sun for a bit.
i made the kites from some scrap fabric, dowel rods, ribbon and string...and they were real duds. the wooden rods snapped in the wind and the string paper-cutted our fingers..our ribbons kept tangling and i think max got swallowed up by his kite a time or two.
but we never let on.
just getting our kites a few feet in the air was a soaring victory for us.
our wright brothers would have been proud.
and when all else failed at least there was a hill to roll down and the bell tower to sing us songs.
it felt like a lucky day, just me, my little guy, broken kites, and our beautiful city.
dayton is its finest on spring sundays...right randy newman?

dayton, ohio 1903- randy newman


  1. a kite for you, and a kite for max!? so ambitious and so magical... and the music just makes this extra swoony. you two make my heart happy <3

  2. This was first post I read when I opened my Reader this morning and it really set me in such a good mood. I love these photos, and as always you get me so excited for these kind of days with Henry, one day.

    I hope you smile so much today- thanks for making me smile so early!

    love love.

  3. what a sweet outing! i love your kite.

  4. !!!we did this exact thing yesterday!!! i was going to blog it today haha! (as ive always said with us ...great minds ;)

  5. At least you can make some pretty kites for decoration. Gorgeous! And I love the photo of Max giving you sugar. There's nothing like a little boy smooching you up!

  6. your photos are the swooniest, loveliest little bits evah works of arts-i'd frame everyone and don them on my wall. kites have the fondest spot in my heart i worked my "tail" off literally and won the class kite for good behavior and work for field day. it was plastic and cheap and i loved it. my mom even made me aqua knee knockers "culottes" a reprieve from the mandatory dresses at school. good day-lucky day.

    i want your kites-mega impressed miz wright!

  7. eek! I love kites. I remember flying them all the time as a kid. I so want to make one now! :)

  8. your post A L W A Y S put a instant smile on my face.
    the picture with you and your son face to face is perfect.

  9. These photos are simply gorgeous! I feel like they should be a scene in an old movie :)

  10. Oh my goodness I agree with all the comments above... your photos are absolutely stunning! How you get them so crisp and clear but cheerful and colourful at the same time I'll never know!

  11. These photos are absolutely beautiful. Your blog is just gorgeous - such a warm, happy place. So very, very lovely!

  12. oh wow, that pic of you two lying in the sunshine melts my heart.


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