free me all in the way that you smile

max and i are under the weather today.
which is highly inconvenient expect that it's rainy and cold and there is nothing better to do than lay in bed and read anyhow.
this crummy weather makes me ache already for last week's sun-burnt shoulders. it's amazing to me how suddenly things can shift around here. 
ohio is funny like that.
(although my sister amy is convinced that the roller skating rink made us all sick...she had a premonition of it while we waited in line with our skate tickets..."the air feels dirty in here...we're all going to get sick"
so today is a day for making comfort food like lemon scones and chamomile tea...getting tucked in for an afternoon nap by your guy and snuggling up to a sleepy sick son.
it's also for accidentally dumping said tea allover myself and my bed and falling asleep in it anyway. 
oh dear.
but then this happened and i'm suddenly starting to perk up...

happy tuesday, friends!


  1. Max has such a great sense of humor!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Love max's get up, he's sure to put a smile on even a sick person's face.

  3. No! How horrible. We had that strep fiasco not so long ago. It snuck up on us and took us by storm. But I can say, now on the other side, you and Max will make it through! Sending you warm hugs and a tea towel for the spilled tea. :)

  4. Oh my lol cute little Max!
    Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather! FEEL BETTER SOON! =]

  5. The last picture made me laugh out loud and forget everything I wanted to say in this comment! What a riot your little boy is!

    Oh, and I love that your sister knew you'd all get sick, I mean I don't love that you got sick, just that she was so in-tune with the dirty place that she knew what was going to happen... This isn't making my comment sound any nicer is it? I'll stop and just say,
    "Get well soon!!"

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  6. only YOU can make yucky days seem bright and shiny!!

  7. LUV Amy's premonition!

    Feel better, Lovey.

  8. oh, I hope you all feel better soon! Your little man is the cutest thing ever!!!

  9. i LOVE your blog...I just found you from Sometimes sweet...feel better! Youre a babe... Im off to go scope out the rest of your blog :)

  10. love all the photos! beautiful :))

  11. Hope you feel better soon lady!
    I've just about had it with this cold, rainy weather!!!
    it's almost June!!!!! chin up, cheer up :)

  12. how sweet is this?!? I'm sorry you are under the weather, but you sure make it look like fun. :)

  13. Hope you guys feel better soon!

  14. i love you're blog! great pictures!! ;)


  15. What a gorgeous boy! This post brought dimples and smiles to my face. You sound sweet and endearing.

    xx following (:

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!


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