11 things...

 happy friday, friends!
i'm officially under the weather and laying low today...but it's nothing but rain and wind outside and i couldn't think of a better day to stay hunkered in bed with some juice and the tv remote.
danielle at sometimes sweet tagged me to play along in "11 things" last week! it's been so much fun reading everyone's answers...i'm a sucker for odd facts about people!

11 random things about me:
1. i prided myself on never having tried a pickle in all of my life. until last week...when one was hiding under my hamburger at the pine club. it was my worst nightmare come true!

2. the first cassette tapes i ever owned were blues traveler, the cure greatest hits, and essential bach. my sister amy and i also loved listening to this tape with bette midler on it that we found in our older sister's tampon box. (they used to give out prizes in those boxes back then!)
3. please don't touch my knees.
4. i have a hard time editing myself in awkward situations. or all situations. i will tell my life story to the last person that cares if i knew it would keep awkward silence away.
5. i sing odd, made up songs to get max to wake up in the morning. they work like a charm...if only because i'm sure it's terrifying to wake up to your mom hovering over you singing breathy tunes about tuesdays and being a shooting star! there's no turning back to sleep after that...(he now sings them to me some mornings to get me up...i've never been more proud!)
6. i unashamedly bite my finger nails. when i was little my mom offered me money or the doll i had been wanting if i stopped and i chose my nail biting. i stand by that choice to this day..haha. my hands are useless with fancy nails. also, if i paint them i will peel the paint off within the first 2 minutes.
7. my favorite smells are lemon and cut grass and mint toothpaste and the cleanest baby hair (oh i can't wait to have a baby head around to smell).
8. i'm a bad price-heckler. i will pay $20 more than asking price to not have to deal with a bargaining situation.

9. i started writing a "novel" when i was 10. it was 20 pages and about a book-smart prairie girl in the 1800's. she was a direct ripoff of laura ingalls and anne shirely. and she had red hair. oh dear...what i wouldn't give to have those pages now...

10. my grandma stratton gives the most amazing hugs in all the world...she likes to pound on your back really really hard! to this day when i need a comfort, matt knows to give me a hug and pound on my back.
11. i won 4th runner up and "miss congeniality" in a local firefighter's pageant i was forced into when i was in high school. instead of being asked questions about world peace we had to answer fire safety questions. my first question was "what does CPR stand for?"...i didn't know and i asked for a life-line. hmph! (who wants to be a millionare-style) it will forever be the most embarrassing of my memories to date. haha. p.s. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. i will never forget it now.
{questions from danielle}

1. If money, schooling or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose? 
 i've always thought that being a textile designer would be just wonderful! that or a children's book illustrator/author. if brains or know-how was no obstacle i think being a scientist of some sort would be fascinating...i wish my brain worked that way!

2. What's the one thing you look forward to every day? 
max and matt waking up!

3. What is your number one, all-time, favorite blog?
don't make me choose! 

4. Biggest online pet peeve?
snarky or mean-spirited comments

5. What is your all-time favorite book?
 any of the children's books i grew up on. beverly cleary books will forever hold a soft-spot in my heart. max came home from school the other day and said they are reading "the mouse and the motorcycle". it made my fingers itch to start reading it again...

6. What would your "last meal" be?
stuffed crust pizza with just the crust, freshly picked strawberries, lemon meringue pie, and the orange julius my mom used to make. what a depressing meal. haha. maybe i should add a steak?

7. Do you believe in love at first site?
i do! or anyways, i love hearing stories about couples who have been together a lifetime that started with love at first sight!

8. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of? 
breakfast in bed and listening to my dad sing from the other room. growing up baptist, every sunday morning my dad would be singing bluegrass hymns at the top of his lungs...it was my favorite way to wake up and i would love to wake up like that every sunday morning! 
9. Why do you blog?
i love having a place to put pictures and thoughts and memories from our everyday. it's such a gift already to read back through old entries from years ago...i can't imagine what a comfort all of this will be in years to come.

10. If you had to choose one color to wear forever, what would you pick?
red. it's the color i see above most...and i have to stop myself from buying too much of it!
11. What is your all-time favorite band?
i don't think i could ever get tired of listening to the avett brothers.

i would love to read along if any of you decide to do "11 things" of your own! definitely link up in the comments if you do or already have! 

i'm off to get some rest!  happy happy weekend, loves! 


  1. I'm feeling a mystical kinship with you right now over several of your answers. HA!

  2. I've never heard of anyone else who doesn't like having their knees touched. It's my biggest fear, after squirrels.

  3. No pickles?! Pickles (and pickle juice) are like my comfort food! Hahaha so silly. I'm the worst at heckling and bartering. I hate it. If the price is so ridiculously high I'll just put it down and walk out, passive aggressive style, and then usually i get my way. Not going to stand there and argue over money. Too awkward.

  4. I admire your answer to the love-at-first-sight question - how refreshing!

    Here's mine: http://kitchenconvo.blogspot.com/2012/02/eleven-things.html

  5. oh, i'm with you on bartering. i always feel like a jerk, like i'm saying their item is lousy and not worth my money.

    i was tagged too this week: http://pickingwildmountainberries.blogspot.com/2012/02/tag-youre-it.html

    hope you feel better this weekend!

  6. Oh, I haven't thought about "The Mouse and the Motorcycle" in SO long! I LOVED that book. x

  7. i'm horrible with awkward silences too. i always put my foot in my mouth.

  8. I am sure that have heard Avett Brothers are coming to The Fraze this summer. I can't wait!

  9. Oh so funny! Just today I wrote about wandering in windy fields as a little girl, dreaming I was Anne and out with Miss Stacy on a field day.
    How fun it will be to read Anne with your little girl someday.
    Although I'm sure Max would love her too.
    My boys love Laura Ingalls.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Love from,

  10. I just booked our tickets to the Vancouver Avett Brothers show!!! I'm so excited. I agree about not tiring of listening to their music! :)

  11. Well, you have 11 comments here and it seems like a shame to ruin the consistency...but. I have to tell you how much I love your list. Your memories are so often tiny bits of MY memories. The Bette Midler tape! I KNOW it. And I'm the same way about my knees. And lemon meringue pie.

  12. My husband has joined in my love for making up songs so hopefully we can share the love/ torture our son with our silly songs.

    I would have much rather preferred discussing world peace than CPR! Have a lovely weekend.

  13. oh rest up. hope your better soon!
    {my husband is the worrrst heckler too. I thought he might just implode in Bali!}

  14. ha, i hate it when people touch my knees too. my boyfriend likes to tease me by squeezing my legs closer and closer to my knees until i have to run away.

  15. Yay!! I felt so alone on the knee-touching front! Glad to know there is at least one other like me out there. :) Such a fun post!! Your blog is beautiful!

  16. Girl, pickles are where it's at. I love that you tried writing a novel when you were so young! I did an "eleven things" too with Danielle's questions :)


  17. Your answer about your fave smells reminded me of Hermione in the Harry Potter series. I read the books, your answer was along the lines of what she said in the movie. I thought it was cute and I had to comment.

    I don't have a blog, but I answered aloud to myself. It was great. Wish I could link it but it feels more magical just telling you I had.

    Your answers were very sweet :D

  18. ah, the pine club! i used to eat there all the time. my sister and brother both when to UD and my brother lived in Dayton for awhile. I also love Dorthy Lane grocery store!! Do you ever go there?

    i actually did do a "11 things" post. danielle from dinosaur toes tagged me. here is mine:


  19. I'm brand new to your beautiful blog, so this was a good post to get acquainted :) I feel that we are kindred spirits on your fun facts #4 and #8 and lemon meringue pie.

  20. this was so great! I love #11...sounds very small town to me; I've spent most of my life in small towns, so I can relate! I also am baptist, and loved that answer! :) it reminds me of my grandpa...he'd be the one singing the gospel/bluegrass music for us. love!

    you inspired me to do the 11 things post; it was fun!

  21. loved this! thanks for the inspiration and fun reading!
    here's mine: http://www.bethanysusan.com/2012/03/11-questions-answered.html

  22. Katie! Can I just say, I was in the same pageant for the firefighters (a year later) and also won Miss Congeniality. I did NOT want to be in the pageant (Can you picture me in it?..oh gosh!) Glad to know you had to go through it, too. Miss you. xoxo

  23. I love this! It's so much fun to hear what people have to say about themselves!

    Here's mine:


    xx -b.

  24. this looks fun! someone tagged me but i cba to work on it! sometimes i just dont understand myself (gotta spend some time to think random stuff about myself)....


  25. I live in England now and no one I know has ever read 'The Mouse and the Motorcycle' - I'm so happy there are others in the world who know what I mean!


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