snips and snails and flea market finds

happy happy friday! 
it's been a busy week...and i've hit a new and funny stage of pregnancy that i like to call "weepy panic". my poor boys!  but i've found that a good cure all for the weepies is getting out of the house and hiding out in thrift stores.  i had much luck finding things this week!

as much fun as it's been planning a girl's room, i love finding little boy treasures for bub and his space.
old desk lamps, maps, books, stacks of old graph paper, and charlie harper match game cards (which came from anthropologie...but oh how my heart swoons for charlie harper)...lots of bright and happy new boy things to scatter around. 

i hope you all have the best kind of weekend!
max's first baseball game is tomorrow...i'm so thrilled for him (my little guy loves loves baseball!).
i wonder if he would be embarrassed if i brought a pennant with his name on it to wave around?



  1. that mustard yellow chair...is awesome.

  2. So cute. I think I've hit the panic stage in my own pregnancy too and, actually, now you've made me think about it, things have been a little weepy around here...

    I love all your thrifting finds. I always thing it's harder to find things for boys than girls, but then this post makes me want a little boy so I can build him a similar collection!

  3. are you kidding me? amazing finds.

    PS. I haven't been reading blogs at all this week. I'm so behind on your blog! I feel like i've missed so much! :)

  4. We have the Donkey Donkey book! Love it!

  5. i love charley harper! he was a fellow ohioan ;)

  6. That yellow chair! Love that yellow.

  7. Great finds! Good luck to Max in his first game!!

    p.s. don't worry, weepy panic doesn't last forever... ;)


  8. beautiful yellow chair, and those lamps are incredible! especially that orange-ish one....love love love!

  9. Haha. Oh, the weepies. I'm sure they will pass. Love your finds.