keeping cool

it has been hot hot hot this week! 
 today's weather is perfect for homemade popsicles and hiding out inside...

yogurt//fruit popsicles
* i made honeydew melon, blueberry lemon, raspberry, and peanut butter

 blend plain yogurt, honey, and a splash of vanilla- set aside 
(*note- i don't use measurements...everything is added to taste. 
make sure to dip your finger in and sample a bit before moving on!)

separately, blend the flavor of popsicle fruit you want with a bit of milk 
( i use vanilla almond milk) and a sprinkle of sugar or honey. 
(for the peanut butter i used a couple of spoonfuls mixed with the almond milk and blended)

pour yogurt and fruit blends into popsicle molds (a little of each at a time) 
and swirl around with a skewer to mix. 
add popsicle stick and freeze overnight or for a few hours...

(to make the striped popsicle, pour a layer of fruit in the mold then let it freeze for about 30-45 min. 
then pour a layer of yogurt blend and add your popsicle stick. refreeze. 
repeat layering/freeze step until you fill the mold. continue freezing normally from there)

 3 cheers for something cool on a hot day!
 now lets see if i can not eat them all before bub gets home from school...



  1. I am always amazed by your photography! So fresh and colourful. I wish it was a little sunnier on my side of the world to try these!!
    Tania x

  2. Oh my goodness, if it were even remotely sunny or warm in New York I'd be making these immediately. I guess I'll wait till warmer weather comes (along with strawberries from the farmer's market...I'm imagining a balsamic-infused berry pop!)

  3. Beautiful beautiful photos, and gorgeous popsicles too haha! I'm jealous its' warm there - here it's still jacket weather and I can't wait for some sun!


  4. oh my gosh, those look so yummy!!! I want to make some now :)
    <3 Kiersten

  5. Those look yummy!


  6. Those look delicious!! Thanks so much for sharing how you made them. I just make the same popcicles over and over, my kiddos fav. yogurt, just poured into a mold, and leftover fruit smoothies poured into a mold. :) I guess I like simple, but I may take the time to make something new because of this post!

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  8. These are so pretty and would be delicious! And, of course, as is always the case with you, so beautifully photographed!


  9. so easy and nothing yucky or unpronouncable...i like it! ~Deirdre

  10. Oh, these look sooo good! What a great treat to beat the heat. It's already getting so hot here too.

  11. Oooh, cute dress (shirt?) Where'd ya get it from?

  12. Those popsicles sounds AMAZING!

  13. Mmmmm awesome! It sounds so easy and healthy that I have no choice but to try these!

  14. oh katie, i just love you & the fact that you've been able to document the pregnancy in such a tasteful way. i had all these plans on doing fun maternity posts and time just flew right by me. i might just have to make some of these! i have this dress with different colored stitching...soulmates? hehe. xoxo

  15. i'm jealous that you're hot! it poured down rain (in Seattle) yesterday. we dont even think about popsicles until July! hehe. but when I need them, I'm coming back to this post! XOXO!

  16. peanut butter & honey popsicle?! yum! love love love that bottom right photo. happy weekend! :)

  17. Will be living vicariously through you... nothing but rain and cloud on the cards here in the UK. Ho hum. Will fortify myself with French gin and tonic to get through ;o)

  18. nothing better (or prettier?!) than homemade popsicles. yum!

  19. what type of molds did you use?

  20. Looks so delicious!
    Just found you via creature comforts and can´t wait to try these!

    And now I will check out your blog too :-)


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