traveler by proxy

what is it about changing seasons or changes in life that make me want to hop a plane somewhere? not to escape really, but just to go have an experience! it's almost as if all the goodness and excitement of change demand it in the scenery as well. it's much too much to keep bottled. anyway, it happens to me almost every end of summer...and now that baby bee is here it's a stronger urge than ever.

and while hitting the road/skies/seas somewhere far off has never really been a realistic option, it's a nice thought. 
and so i get lost and taken away in the little things...spinning the old school globe or digging through stamps. i ordered new ones, and a few other goods, from one of my favorite european companies, present and correct. just seeing the box in the mail from the UK was enough to make me feel accomplished. world traveler by proxy!

it's enough to tide me over at least through september...



pie in the sky

today we soaked up all the good parts of a rainy day monday...and an extra sleepy baby allowed for time to work and bake and listen to good stories...and a little more for tea and books and an actual lunch...full and eaten with both hands!

rainy days can spoil you like that...


saturday type things...

just me and bee today...
old boardgames and sundresses to escape the heat.  
phoebe is a natural at parcheesi. who knew?
happy happy saturday!


life is a BREEZE {and a giveaway}

you guys know i usually don't do giveaways or sponsored posts (and not because i have any moral or ethical objection to them...i just haven't gone down that road yet)....but i was so excited when 4moms invited me and bee to participate with other mamas in a blog tour for their new playard....and the chance to give one away to you too!

matt and i never registered for a playard because i've always had a little bit of hate for them. i remember pinched fingers and a lot of sweating trying to put my nephew's together...

but when max and i watched the video of the breeze we were instantly hooked.
 "we need that", max said. haha. if only for being able to push the button. and when 4moms sent ours to us in the mail, to be able to sleep in the box (which he did).

 i could blabber on about all the things i like about the breeze but the biggest perk is that it's easy. tired-one free handed mama/overwhelmed dad/eager big brother fool proof easy! and i need easy right now ( i'm typing this post with my left hand while feeding phoebe )

one push down on the center button pops it open and a pull up on the blue tab will close it.  
it seems pretty perfect for grandparents/aunts uncles/friends who want to help but aren't used to newfangled baby gear.

 and attaching the bassinet to the top for tiny babies was just as easy...

phoebe approves!
 and i'm so happy to be able to offer a BREEZE to one of you lucky mamas/grandmas/aunts/friends

 here's how:
US residents only 

     1. Go scoot around the 4moms website and check out the BREEZE and their other products. (i want that mamaROO!!)
     2. Leave a comment here (make sure to include your email address so i can get a hold of you!)
     3. For an extra chance, go "like" 4moms on facebook or follow on twitter @4moms!

 A winner will be randomly selected Thursday, August 30th!
 for all others, you can pre-order your own BREEZE now!


p.s. thank you all so much for the well-wishing for max yesterday (and all the sweet talk on his outfit)! i couldn't wait to tell him all your sweet comments when he got home from school. but you should know, he took the cardigan off before we got into the car yesterday morning. he told me he looked nice but maybe too much like a store mannequin. haha.


comments closed.
the winner of the BREEZE is:

Jackie Wieczorek

thank you so much everyone for entering! and congratulations, jackie!


back to school

our guy is off to 2nd grade today, friends!
he was up bright and early, dressed and waiting by the front door before any of us. this is his second year at montessori school, which he loves and loves. this morning was such a change from the past few that ended up in a ball of nerves and a little bit of tears or accosting the principle. this morning was easy and max was confident.

and so we celebrated...we listened to elvis and brushed and messed and re-brushed hair. phoebe left a grumpy note in max's lunch (and i finally got to use jordan's funny fruit stickers!)

we're back into the swing of things...
happy happy back to school time!
...back to steadiness, routine...packed lunches and quiet afternoons.

i can't wait to see what this year has in store for my max!


county fair

spending time at the county fair is the best way to start saying goodbye to the summer...it's the perfect mix of warm weather colors and air with a hearty mix of corn stalks and pumpkins wearing ribbons, pies and quilts set out for show...bits and pieces that all remind me of fall.
it's been a tradition of ours to take max to the fair right before school starts to get dusty and dirty and come home with all sorts of silly prizes and a sweet sticky face. and it was a hoot having phoebe along for the ride this year...plus 4 goldfish (2 max named joey) that managed to make it home with us...

tomorrow is our very last day of summer break.
we've got big plans to send it off in style...or at the very least break out the noise makers and get the school year started off right..


to market to market

late summer saturdays just might be my favorite...warm sun and breezy air, always something to do or get yourself into. today was for hiding out with ears of sweet corn and peppers and whoopie pies, lemonade and bottled soda. i had my two little bobbins in tow, making it all the nicer. we've been all over town today with no desire to go home...
i can hardly believe this is the last weekend before school starts wednesday. this summer has flown right by!
we have a few more warm weather tricks up our sleeves, county fairs and a quick trip north to the beach next weekend, but there is definitely a hurried feeling in the air.

hoping your weekend is going swell!